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How to Buy Prints

Buying prints of my images in really easy. Each of my galleries functions as a store. You can purchase prints and products directly from the gallery page or from the individual photo page.  

The purchasing process, the production and the shipment of my photos is powered by SmugMug – the number one platform for professional photographers. SmugMug works with the industry’s best photo labs to ensure the highest possible quality. They offer a large variety of different products for you to choose from. Print options range 8 x 10 inch paper prints for only a few bucks all the way to premium-quality 30 x 40 inch float-mounted high-gloss metal prints.

The actual purchasing process is secure and simple.

1. Open one of the gallery pages that you find in the Browse menu.

2. Click on the Buy prints button of the image you are interested in.

3. This will open a pop-up window displaying the SmugMug purchasing view.

4. Scroll through the list of products available and set the quantities of the products you want to purchase. This will only put these items into your shopping cart. The actual purchase is only issued once you click on Checkout.

5. You can put as many products into your shopping cart as you want before you actually do the checkout. Simply close the pop-up window using the cross at the upper right. This takes you back to the gallery page where you can browse for other images. Repeat steps 2-5 for each of the images you would like to buy.

6. Don’t worry, the shopping cart will store everything you select even if you close the window.

7. Simply click on Checkout when you have selected all the products you want, and SmugMug will take you through the actual purchase process. You can get more detailed information on the SmugMug purchasing process directly from SmugMug.

Print Formats and Options Choose one of the print formats available Your prints will be produced by bayphoto, a premium print lab in San Francisco. bayphoto has a rage of different products, of which a subset is available for you on my site.

When you scroll through the product list for any image, you will first find standard prints in different sizes on Lustre and Metallic paper. Metallic paper has a glossy finish and metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth. You can buy Lustre and Metallic paper prints in diverse standard sizes, square sizes and panorama sizes – depending on the image and your preferences.

Apart from the paper prints, you can also buy Canvas prints, ThinWrap prints and Metal prints. These are particularly suited for high-quality large-format prints, and they will look great on your walls.

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